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Vibhu Ji is a man with boundless energy who started showing signs of something unique right from his childhood.
The urge to serve those in need of guidance and services was burning within him ever as a child. So, after completing his basic education, he made Astrological spiritualism his prime mission and resolved to enlighten the masses who were in need of the light of astrological spiritualism. It was not a difficult task for him.

Vibhu Ji was born in INDIA and has been practicing Vedic Astrology since 2008. In nearly a decade of his experience towards Astrology, Numerlogy, Vastu, Kavach Therapy and Medical Astrology, he has consulted more than 5000 souls on this earth.Vibhu Arora belives in the theory of Karma and possesses spiritual powers to provide occult solutions to anyone in struggle.He specializes in custom Kavach Therapy which has its roots for more than 1000 years coming from Vedas.

He is a versatile and multifaceted personality that is rare to find in today’s world. He has achieved heights at a very young age which amazes everyone. And that is what makes him a brilliant exception.

He has changed the lives of many people and has helped them in venturing their goals.

Vibhu ji guides with straightforward cures, which can be actualized effectively and followed in everyday life.

He has huge knowledge about Astrology and other mysterious sciences. He has faith in taking care of an issue as straightforward as could reasonably be expected.

Vibhu Arora prays your good health, wealth and success in near future.